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10:44 AM

Speed Racer..

Posted by Oneyard

Well.. this isnt related to any of the 1hp cars..
But still I think I have to post it here..
The Live-action Speed Racer trailer..
Man.. it is so cool.. Superb..
I wish that I do have the Speed Racer Hot Wheels...

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h0kuan said...

hehe, me again! I dont like this speed racer show..

oneyard said...

mmm... u mean this movie or the old anime version?
ahahaha.. well.. i like the cars.. movie still not out.. so cant say much bout that.. but based on the trailer.. its ok and quite interesting to watch the race effect.. :P

aris raptorclans said...

yay finally found someone who thought of the trailer the same way i did... i found it so cool and full of psychedellic goodness~

watche dthe cartoon, but i think i'll love the movie more.

btw bro, they do have hotwheels speed racer cars... they're the official merchandise makers... but i hav no idea why so mahal. i bot myself only a 2 pack

oneyard said...

Yup.. the trailer is really nice..
Its already in my must-watch-movie list.. :D

Yup.. Hotwheels came out with Speed Racer series.. but it is over-price for me.. and also.. i dont really like the paint-job.. I like more the one that they produce for the anime.. but quite long time ago and i think its only for japan market.. :(

aris raptorclans said...

yeah i agree dude... i like but expensicve... plastic summore... i think i saw a pic of d japan one be4... rilly nice :D