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11:14 PM

The Off-Road Beauty

Posted by Oneyard

This is a concept off-road vehicle by Toyota.. Quite a beauty for an off-road vehicle.. But based on the look.. It seems that it is really nice and comfortable to drive in a desert.. This is the Toyota RSC.. or Toyota Rugged Sport Coupe..

Here a little description 'bout it:

ChicagoToyota unveiled its RSC "Rugged Sport Coupe" concept vehicle at a press conference at the 2001 Chicago Auto Show.
The Toyota RSC concept was initiated and developed by CALTY Design Research, Toyota’s North American design center in Newport Beach, California. According to CALTY vice president of design, Kevin Hunter, the RSC concept was developed to explore new possibilities for a next-generation sports car, aimed specifically at young new-car buyers. - ToyotaOffRoad.com

Millimeters Inches
Wheelbase 2490 98.1
Overall Length 4115 162.1
Overall Height 1550 61.1
Overall Width 1850 72.9
Tires Size: 31 x 10.50 R19 inches
All of the above information provided by Toyota Motor Company, Inc.

And now its time for the real image of this beauty..

Image taken from ToyotaOffRoad.com

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fairuz said...

nih concept je kan?
carik cayyene transsiberia la weh..

fairuz said...

sile on rss plis

fairuz said...

ape nih rss xde

oneyard said...

ok2.. dah on dah rss..
tadik salah setting..
huhuhuhu.. skang nih guna feeds burner.. senang sket..
dh bleh subsribe kan?

oneyard said...

huhuhu.. maner mau carik itu cayyene transsiberia.. cayyene biasa ader laa.. transsiberia tuh hotwheel/matchbox xder license nk buat keluar laa kut.. kalo x.. sure dah ader dah..

fairuz said...

ceh..ko delete comment aku. xnak komen la pasnih

fairuz said...

mcm mane nk tau dpt license ke tak? ko cek celah mane?

oneyard said...

huhuhu.. abes tuh.. dh stakat letak 1 perkataan.. spam laa tuh.. sbb tu kena delete :P

mane nk tau pasal license tu? mmm.. sometimes.. kat blakang card/package hotwheels tu.. ader tulis/letak logo kete2 yg diorang dpt lesen..

fairuz said...


gomok said...

hello world!