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Basic Information

Posted by Oneyard

Nothing much to do.. No new haul.. Just sharing some basic information that I've found on the internet regarding Hot Wheels™ and the common term that usually used by collectors..

General Info.

  1. Carded - Cars that are still intact in their packaging.
  2. Loose - Cars that are taken out of their packaging.
  3. Waves - Various Hot Wheels cars that you will find hanging in the rack of your local store for a certain period of time.
  4. Mixes - Cars that are available in a certain wave. Each mix technically will have a different assortment of cars. Although, this doesn't determine whether the next wave will be different or the same wave as the previous.
  5. Error Card - car that is packaged on a card with the different name.
  6. Blister - The clear packaging that most of Hot Wheels cars are sold. a.k.a Bubble.
  7. Variation - Generally, a variation is a running change on a car. This could be a wheel change, a change in paint/base/interior/window/tampo colors, or casting differences.
  8. Tampo - term is used here to describe the decoration application on the car.
  9. Mtflk - also known as Metal Flakes is term used to describe metallic paint of a vehicle.

Product Info.

  1. Single - Mainline cars that are sold one by one & are displayed on the racks (see Additional Info for details on mainline cars).
  2. Redline - This refers to Hot Wheels cars that were made between 1968 and 1977. These cars can be identified by a red embossed circle on the face of the tire.
  3. Spectraflame - A term used to describe the bright reflective colors used on some vehicles from 1968 to 1972. The bodies are made from zinc plated metal which is polished and then finished with a transparent paint. This technique allows light to reflect off the body giving it a bright shiny look.
  4. Special Series. Gift Packs - Cars (usually more than 1) that are decorated to meet a certain theme (similar too the mainline Segment Series) & packed in special boxes to be used as gifts for certain occasions. Others - Cars that are fixed on a theme (e.g. Ferrari Racer - only Ferrari cars are released in this series).

Additional Info.

  1. First Editions - Cars that debut on the mainline whether it is based on real-life vehicles or from the imagination of the Hot Wheels designers team.
  2. T-Hunt$/T-Hunts - Consist of 12 cars ever year, 1 released per month (sort of.. sweat.gif ). The cars are specially decorated to attract collectors. In 2007, a two-tiered system was introduced. A T-Hunt also known as Regular T-Hunt will feature normal paint & wheels. While a Thunt($) also known as Super T-Hunt is the same like past T-Hunts (before '07) which feature premium rubber wheels & spectraflame paint.
  3. Track Stars - Cars that are designed exclusively to be raced on Hot Wheels track sets.
  4. Segment Series - Cars that are designed to meet with a certain theme (eg. Heat Fleet - requires the car to be decorated with flame tampos, etc.)

Credits to LYN HotWheel Thread V14 || SouthTexasDieCast || Vintage Hot Wheels

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